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Whether you’re going from Drab to DIY, F*ck-up to fabulous, or anything in between, let’s do this!


Budgeting, loans, APRs...we take the “oh no” out of managing your dough.


Learn how to manage your time, ask for a raise, and find fulfillment in your work.


We can help you be a better partner or friend and a generally loveable human.


AKA “I ain’t paying you shit to do that,” we teach you how to do things yourself.


Be a productive member of your world & find ways to give back.


Life is about balance. Take care of your physical, spiritual and emotional health.

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How Yesterday’s Adulthood Became Today’s Adulting

How Yesterday’s Adulthood Became Today’s Adulting

I was talking to my 71 year old aunt the other day and mentioned my Adulting School…
How to Sew a Button Like a Badass in 5 Simple Steps

How to Sew a Button Like a Badass in 5 Simple Steps

So you need to mend a button. This usually happens at the most inconvenient times, like as…

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“Being an adult comes with all sorts of challenges. Adulting school helped me figure out what I didn’t know and taught me those things.”

George Albertson

“If you’re struggling in a particular area, Adulting School really helps. I worked with Rachel who helped me keep on track and make a habit of the new things I learned. Now I have a budget and am actually saving money, for once.”

Lisa Burns

“It was helpful watching the course about which credit card to check but the one on one tutoring really helped me. My tutor and I talked about my goals in particular and solved my problems successfully.”

Juan Mendoza